We look forward to welcoming more swimmers than ever before, for one of the distances on offer – 10k, 4k, 2k, 800m. SEE MORE INFO BELOW


All participants to register through the local registration link (via runsignup - link below). Race Entry Fee ($50 for 2k, 4k, 10k; $25 for 800m – late registration, after October 6th, has an extra $10 late fee).


As part of the event, and leading up to race day we provider a number of other items for our overseas visitors, including transport to pre race day practice swims, educational tours, pre race pasta dinner and bus transport to practice and race day swims. Historically, the entry fee for overseas visitors was grossed up to factor in the extra cost of all these additional benefits.

Starting this year, we are breaking out the fee for these additional services, to allow any visitors who do not wish to use these services to avoid paying unnecessarily for them. At the end of the online registration process, you will have an option to purchase the Visitors Package for $90. The Visitors Package will include all of the things that have been available in past years, plus some new additions, including: 

  1. Free Entry to the Pre Race Pasta Dinner (Saturday evening at Grotto Bay Hotel) - $40 without the Visitors Package

  2. Bus transport from Grotto Bay to the start location of your race distance

  3. Bus transport from Aquarium (after finish of Race) to Grotto Bay

  4. Bus transport and supervised swims for open water practice swims prior to Race Day (likely Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 10am)

  5. Access to a guided Tour of Trunk Island (probably as part of the Thursday practice swim trip)

  6. Race Goodie Bag

  7. T-shirt collection at Grotto Bay (those without the Visitors Package must collect their shirt from the Aquarium on Saturday)

  8. Access to the formal Race briefings, including full explanation of the race routes and buoy detail (will have one each evening Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

  9. Free access to the Aquarium on Race Day

  10. Special Deals at restaurants in Hamilton, Flatt’s Village and St George’s – details will be posted on the bulletin board in the foyer at Grotto Bay Resort

  11. Four times the chance of winning draw prizes – for 2019 we are targeting 40 draw prizes based on a random draw at the finish. The draw will be performed in a way that the people who have registered for the Visitor Package will be four times more likely to get a draw prize than had they not registered for the Visitor Package – we love to support our visitors who have made the effort to get to Bermuda, and while we also love our local participants, we recognize that people taking flights and staying at hotels have a bigger commitment to make to participate in RTS!

Overseas visitors do not have to purchase the Visitor Package, but note that the transport buses to and from your start on Race Day will only be available to those people (competitors or spectators) who have purchased the Visitor Package. In terms of cost, between the value of the Pre Race Pasta Dinner, and the Bus transport on Race day and to pre Race practice swims, the package more than pays for itself. Additionally, Race Day can be hectic, and we continue to hear from overseas visitors that the transport makes things very simple and stress free on race day.

If you have any questions about this new approach, or RTS 2019 in general please feel free to send Mike Cash an email (mike@bows.bm) for clarifications


Overseas visitors are welcome to stay anywhere you like, however the wonderful team at Grotto Bay Beach Resort (www.grottobay.com, local +1 441 293-8333, toll free +1 855 447 6886) have very generously agreed to a Group Rate for rooms - $190 per room per night for single or double occupancy, plus 11.75% Hotel Tax/Tourism Fund, plus $12.50 per person per day gratuity fee (meals not included).  Grotto Bay have blocked off some rooms, but Round the Sound represents a large number of visitors, so we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment.

To book, go online at www.grottobay.com, and use the confidential group code “SWIM” when booking.


Round The Sound was the brainchild of Duncan Newby and Reeve Trott who were key to initiating this Bermuda swimming institution in 1990. The idea was based on the idea that local age group swimmers were living in a place with incredible open water opportunities, which would also enhance their pool swimming. At that time, the longest on island open water event was 1,325 yards, and it was considered unrealistic that the 10km event would receive consistent support.

All these years later, open water swimming in Bermuda has grown materially, and the opportunities presented to the youth have been substantially expanded. Additionally, RTS has always been a charity related event, and having generated over $350,000 for local charities since inception, the event has helped others in the local community.

RTS - All Routes & Buoys (click to enlarge)

The Route 

The event is fully contained within Harrington Sound, with the longest distance (10km) constituting a full circumnavigation of the Sound.  Distances raced are 10k, 4k, 2k, 800m, with the various distances starting at staggered intervals to result in a consistent finishing time at the Bermuda Aquarium for all distances.


  • Q: Do I need a support boat
    • A: No. safety craft are monitoring the course.
  • Q: Are there water stops along the swim course?
    • A: Yes, there are several water stops along the course.
  • Q: How will I navigate during the swim?
    • A: The course will be marked. In addition you will receive information on the course during the pre-race meeting.
  • Q: Are wetsuits allowed?
    • A: No. The water temperature in Bermuda averages 78f / 26c during October, so you will not need or want a wetsuit.
  • Q: What about the weather?
    • A: In twenty eight years we have cancelled the event one time because of a hurricane on the day of the event.
  • Q: How easy is it to arrange flights to Bermuda?
    • A: Super easy - Bermuda is a direct flight from a number of cities on the US east coats (approx 2 hour flight), Toronto (approx 3 hour flight) and London Gatwick (approx 7 hour flight).
  • Q: Do I need to get Bermuda dollars?
    • A: No. Most businesses will take common credit cards, and additionally, the US $ is accepted at par on the island.
  • Q Do I need to rent a car while in Bermuda?
    • A: The two best options for travel while on island are by bus or taxi. The bus system is wonderful, clean, and on time! You can purchase transportation passes for the days in your stay directly from your hotel. Cars are not available to rent in Bermuda, but you can rent a Twizy, which is a small two passenger electric vehicle (https://www.currentvehicles.com/). Another option is moped/scooter rental. Transportation is provided for the participants who purchase the Visitor Package, with trips from the Grotto Bay Beach Resort to the group swims Friday and Saturday morning, and to the event on Sunday.
  • Q: Are there socials planned?

    • A: Bermuda is sometimes described as "an island to which 60,000 alcoholics cling"! Yes, there are socials planned, and in fact the entire event is intended to be a balance between a competitive event, a charity fundraiser and a big social.

      Immediately after the Race finishes, at the race finish location (the Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo), there will be food, beer and spirits for sale to releive any pains from the race while awaiting the Prize Giving and Draw Prize announcements. Proceeds from all these food and drinks go to support the local charity (Bermuda Zoological Society) and their numerous education programs.

      Later that evening (Sunday) come to Swizzle Inn, which is next door to the headquarters hotel - The Grotto Bay Beach Resort. You can enjoy a relaxed evening with cocktails, dinner and music while making new friends and/or catching up with old ones.

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