The Events 

BOWS organizes a variety of open water races every year catering to all ages and all abilities.  We also create other events which do not recur every year, but add to the opportunities.  Follow us on Facebook (BDAOpenWater) to stay in the loop for these off the cuff opportunities.

Explore our featured events here;

RTS (Round the Sound) incepted in 1990, with distances from 10k down to 800m.  The 10k event represents a full loop of Harrington Sound, hence the name of the event.


Four Corners involves four separate four mile routes around the outside of the island.  As a true open ocean event this is our more extreme challenge for swimmers.


Devil’s Mile involves a straight one mile race from Devil’s Hole to Trunk Island and its associated nature reserve.


OWB – National Champs is the National Championships with 5k, 1500m and 400m distances, swim off Clearwater Beach


Open ocean to swims in more protected waters. No matter what you’ll find beautiful water in which to test yourself!

All of our events are races – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun while you’re here. In fact, it’s pretty much mandatory!

The following maps highlight the courses you can experience around bermuda, ranging from casual to the more difficult get in touch with us to find out more about the events. 

BOWS race routes around island.jpg